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Make Money with google sites
Make Money with google sites
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Make Money with google sites

Make Money with google sites. If you want to start a blog without spending any money, you can do so by creating a site on Google and then monetizing it in a variety of ways.

The idea of producing more content is one that has caused a lot of people to experience anxiety. It’s possible that you’re familiar with Google Docs. You can use Google Docs to make changes to the document or write online, and then publish those changes on your own Google site. Best Ways to Make Money Online & Offline at Home

When you publish content on a Google site, you gain access to the authority juice of the Google domain. This may improve your ranking on the Google search engine, which in turn may increase the amount of traffic you receive.

The power of the written word lies in its ability to effectively convey ideas to potential readers. People who are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of blogging can start a blog with relative ease using Google Sites, which is one of the easy methods available.

What exactly are Google sites, though?

Google Sites gives you the ability to get your work published on a website, share it with other people, and make it search engine friendly so that it can be found by people using search engines.
Everyone everywhere is getting online.

You are able to create a variety of different pages with Google Sites, including the ones listed below:

  • You have the option of generating a blank page and then including additional components.
  • A Portfolio page
  • A webpage for your Project, Event, or Page assistance center.
  • You have access to a wider variety of downloadable templates.
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How to create a Google site?

Follow the step-by-step process to create a good Google site.

  1. Create an Gmail account.
  2. Go to Google Sites and sign in using your Gmail account.
  3. Now. You can create a page and add the relevant elements.
  4. Now!, you have created a Google site.

Now, Google sites are not the same as a conventional blog in any way. You can make a list of all of your stories and keep it in one location instead. The process is more analogous to publishing a post and promoting each post using the same Gmail address.

You can publish a post or a page on Google sites in two ways;

  • Go to Google Sites, make a landing page, and add proper title, sub-title, and content.
  • The second way is through publishing a blog post right from your Google docs.

To publish a post on the web, you click on the “File” section and scroll down till you find the option “Publish to the web” option. Click on it, and now your post is published on the web.

Make money off of Google through your websites:

You can make money on your Google site in the same way that any other blogger can make money; in fact, you can make money by displaying advertisements generated by Google AdSense on your Google site. The five potential ways that you can make money through Google Sites are outlined below.

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Md. Rashadul Alam

Best Ways to Make Money Online & Offline at Home

Md. Rashadul Alam