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Instant indexing for google

Instant indexing for google. Start getting the pages and content of your website crawled as soon as possible! Take the lead over your rivals and rank higher with the help of the Instant Indexing plugin.

Instant indexing for google

Google strongly advises that you ONLY use the Indexing API for websites that are dedicated to live streaming or job postings. However, it is applicable to any kind of website, and a lot of people who use it have already seen very positive results.
Proceed with extreme caution, please.

You are aware of the significance of being included in the Google index, regardless of whether you are a novice blogger or an experienced SEO.
It is the very first step that must be taken before any organic traffic can begin to flow to your website from Google or any other search engine. How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

If your pages do not get indexed, then your website is effectively invisible to Google and all of the visitors – visitors who would otherwise “see” your website in the search engines if your pages were indexed.

Therefore, it is very important that Google quickly crawls and indexes any new content that you publish, and it is also very important that any content that you have previously published be kept up to date in Google.

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How do you go about doing either of these things?
Or, what about combining the two approaches?

Rank Math’s Instant Indexing plugin is ready for your use.

The Google Indexing API is used to send a crawl request to Google whenever the Instant Indexing plugin on your WordPress website publishes new content or updates existing content. This occurs whenever you publish new content or update existing content.

What is the result?

A nearly instantaneous indexing of the content you have. Here is an illustration of that:

There are a lot of benefits associated with the fact that the search engines will instantly crawl and index your content; however, the following are some of the most significant benefits associated with making use of the Instant Indexing plugin:

Rank faster

Do you have that amazing content that you just know your users will love? Bring it more quickly to the attention of your audience.

Improve your chances of coming out on top of the other companies in your field. Make sure the search results are always up to date.

One-time Setup

Both automatic and manual submissions are excluded from the consideration of custom post types. Send a request to have Post removed from Google search engine results pages.

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Absolutely no cost at all. There is literally no valid excuse for you to avoid giving it a shot.


The developers who brought you the well-known Rank Math SEO plugin are also responsible for the creation of the Instant Indexing plugin. We developed the Instant Indexing plugin in order to facilitate the rapid crawling of your SEO-friendly content.

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Because of this, you will rank faster and higher than you would if you didn’t use these plugins because of the direct correlation between the two factors.

How to Get Started with It:

Configuring the Plugin After you have successfully installed and activated the Instant Indexing Plugin, navigate to Rank Math > Instant Indexing to configure the plugin’s settings.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Team’s Facebook Group: If you go to this group, you’ll find that the Rank Math SEO plugin team is fairly active and ready to answer any questions you have about SEO.

User Documentation: Despite the fact that the Instant Indexing plugin is already simple to install, we have compiled a tutorial to assist you in installing it and getting started with it.

Finding and Correcting Common Errors It’s possible for you to get stuck due to issues that are either common or easily avoidable.
We have compiled a general guide in which we address all of the widespread problems and provide solutions for resolving them.

We place a high priority on the satisfaction of our customers, and as such, we will do our best to respond to all of the questions posted on the forum as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions: In this section, we have provided answers to the questions that are asked the most frequently regarding Instant Indexing by Rank Math.

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