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Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack. First, though, we need to define SERP. Search Engine Results Pages is what it means.
These are the Google pages that provide the answers to your query. These webpages have a mix of organic search results and advertisements from Google.

Search engine optimization (SERP) is a multi-pronged process requiring regular and consistent content production, authoritative back-links, and optimization of on-site factors. Floater Sticky Navigation Menu for Elementor

If you want people to be able to find your site when they need it, you need strong search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

For this reason, the updated SERP Module has numerous New Features.

The robust SERP Rank Tracking Module included in Premium SEO Pack can retrieve and save search engine rankings for pages and keywords.

Selecting keywords from your focus keywords or entering them manually makes populating the tracking module a breeze.
In addition, up to five rivals may be followed.

We’ve also introduced Website Statistics as a new feature.
Your website’s development between two dates can be compared, and you can also select to include the development of your competitors’ websites (or not).

The first metric is your Website Score, which is calculated using an algorithm that determines which pages on your website and which keywords are ranked in the top 100 by a specific search engine (for example, google.com).

The next section is the summary of your keywords’ rankings, which will tell you whether or not your site’s overall ranking has changed, and whether or not any of your keywords are in the top 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, or 100.

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See how the keywords have changed over time, how and when they were last verified, and where they currently stand in Google’s search engine results.

The Reporting Section comes last.
Reports can be split into two distinct categories.
Website data in one, and keyword ranking fluctuations in another.

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