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Yith woocommerce point of sale
Yith woocommerce point of sale

Yith woocommerce point of sale

Yith woocommerce point of sale. The most user-friendly and cost-effective solution to convert your WooCommerce store into a Point of Sale system for your brick-and-mortar location. Floater Sticky Navigation Menu for Elementor

There are two choices available to you if you need a POS in order to make physical sales.
Purchasing a dedicated point-of-sale terminal (prices range from €250 to €1000) and paying a subscription cost to get a specific point-of-sale software that costs approximately €40–€50 per month is the most common solution, but it is also the most expensive option.

Yith woocommerce point of sale

Therefore, you would spend an annual average of €500 on just one point-of-sale terminal.
In addition, the price of this will need to be multiplied by two, three, five, and so on if you require additional cash registers.

The alternative solution that we provide, on the other hand, enables you to turn your desktop computer or tablet into a versatile cash register that is both low-cost and simple to operate by integrating our POS plugin. WooCommerce is a piece of software that is available for free.

It doesn’t matter what kind of store you own or operate—whether it’s a supermarket, a bar, a clothing store, or a beauty salon—if you have more than one cash register at your point of sale, you’ll be able to more effectively manage your business.
personalize receipts, monitor the income from each register and the payment methods that are used, etc.
and a great deal more.

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